AbilityTree Treasure Coast

After School

Coming Soon!
Children with special needs in K-12th grade and their siblings will spend their time playing games and being active in areas designed specifically with them in mind.

Art Ablity

Art Ability is an art program that offers weekend art classes and other art events throughout the year. Individuals of all ages and abilities are invited to participate.

Parents Night Out

Parents and caregivers can enjoy a time of  REST while the Ability Tree Team provides care and opportunities for their children (ages 5-11) with disabilities and their siblings (ages 5-11) to play and make new friends in a safe space with activities designed with them in mind.

Ability Camp

Coming Summer 2025
Ability Camp is our very own summer camp for adults with disabilities! It is our favorite week of the summer, and it is full of dance parties, outdoor activities, making friends, and deepening relationships with the Lord.

Teen Connect

Teens (ages 12-18) with disability and their siblings (ages 12-18) are invited to come enjoy an evening of fun while building relationships with similar-aged peers. They can expect a relaxed atmosphere where they are free to be themselves while having opportunities to play games, be creative and meet new friends. 

Connections for Adults

Connections is a social group for adults that exists to create relationships and encourage community among peers with and without special needs.