Coming Alongside Families Impacted by Disability

by providing R.E.S.T.
(Recreation, Education, Support & Training)

Our Mission

To come alongside families impacted by disability by providing R.E.S.T (recreation, education, support, & training)

Our Vision

Making Community Possible

"When our son Micah was born with multiple disabilities, we had no prior training. We simply loved him and got to know him." 

- Joe Butler, Founder & Executive Director, Ability Tree

Meet the Ability Tree Treasure Coast Team

Joe Butler

(855) 288-6735 ext 702

After establishing Ability Tree in New Jersey, Arkansas, and First Coast, Florida, Joe has a come home to South Florida with a renewed passion to  serve  families in the Treasure Coast by making community possible for families like his own, who are impacted by disability.

Jen Butler

(855) 288-6735 ext 701

As the primary caregiver of her son Micah, Jen understands first hand what it is like to live impacted by disability. Using her unique creative skills and genuine love for people, Jen is passionate about serving families impacted by disability  in the Treasure Coast and across the US.

Kristal Justice

Executive Director
(855) 288-6735 ext 704

With over 16 years experience in education and working with people impacted by disability, Kristal is eager to serve the Treasure Coast Community by coming alongside families to provide R.E.S.T (recreation, education, Support and Training) and make community possible.

Micah Butler

Chief Inspiration Officer
I love getting mail!
P.O. Box 881538
Port St. Lucie, FL 34988

 Micah was the inspiration for the birth of Ability Tree. His enthusiasm and love for life continue to bring joy to all who meet him!
The Butler Family

Ability Tree's  Story

Why does Ability Tree  (AT) exist?

We're the Butlers,  a family of five. A mom, dad and three kiddos. We all have needs, but our son Micah has an official diagnosis and he’s the reason the organization exists.

 I (Joe) vividly remember receiving the news of my son’s diagnosis from the neurologist some 20 years ago, and it was not encouraging or hopeful. Hearing the experts say that my son had “abnormalities in his brain”, that they didn’t know if he’d ever walk, talk in complete sentences, or one day be independent, was a hard pill to swallow. Doctors aren’t in the business of handing out hope, they give out answers and honestly, when it comes to individuals with disabilities like my son, these are educated guesses at best.

Before founding AT, Jen and I worked day jobs and served in our local church until we sensed a call from God to full-time ministry. After going back to school to get my Bible degree, we pastored for about five years. It was during those five years that individuals and families affected by disability looked to us for support and encouragement. Walking through seasons of darkness, we watched as eventually, a dim light became ever brighter. More and more, we intentionally engaged with those around us, and soon a community developed that could relate to our journey as a family. During this time, my wife sensed God calling us to a new mission, one that came alongside families impacted by disability and connected them to community and Ability Tree was planted.

It’s been quite a journey, and the first few years were the most challenging. Micah has developed well beyond what we expected in those early years. He walked at the age of four and he’s been talking in sentences for a decade and a half! Micah has blessed our entire family. He will always need someone to care for him and the benefits that come from being his dad far outweigh the personal costs of that care.
Ability Tree's relational model enables us to come alongside families like ours in the community. Additionally, we’ve created a variety of tools, resources, and opportunities to equip local churches and other organizations who desire to be welcoming and inclusive so they are able to readily engage the disability community.

Your generous giving in allows us to expand into more communities and churches across the country. Thank you for your encouragement and support!

May I say something to all the parents of children with needs out there? Your child is a gift from God! Though you may not see it now, just keep going, loving them and getting to know them, and one day you’ll see them as God does, made in His image. Psalm 127 says children are a reward or gift from the Lord. We couldn’t agree more!

May I say something to the pastors and churches listening? Being prepared to welcome and include people with disability is no longer an option, it is an essential ministry for every church in every community. Families' lives are at stake.

Joe Butler
Founder & Executive Director


You’ve just received the news that your child has been diagnosed with a disability.   Your dreams are shattered.
Now what?

Joe and Jen Butler have stood in your shoes and know how it feels. Twenty-two years ago, they received the same news about their son, Micah, who has multiple disabilities. Over the last two decades, they’ve learned that a diagnosis isn’t the whole story―and God still has a plan and a purpose, both for Micah and the rest of their family. And He does for you and your child as well!

With an optimistic and lighthearted style, let the Butlers tell you the story of their journey with Micah, what they’ve learned along the way, and how it might help you and other families who’ve been called to care for a child with unique needs


Programming will be held at the Young Life of Martin County Building
290 SE Florida St, Stuart, FL 34994